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    Single-family Homes

    Single-family homes make up a large portion of real estate options in the Bahamas. In fact, this property is one of the most popular types in the islands, whether you’re exploring Nassau or Grand Bahama real estate.

    This resource page is designed to help you meet the following objectives:

    • Determine whether a single-family home is the right property for you and;
    • Learn about the pros and cons of buying and living in a single-family home.

    Are you ready to dive into single-family homes in the Bahamas? Let’s get started.

    All about the single-family home

    A single-family home is most distinguishable by this defining characteristic: it is detached and doesn’t share walls with other homes. This is in stark contrast with other properties, such as condos, apartments, and townhomes.

    The following are also common characteristics among single-family homes:

    • It’s built on its own lot, which is for private use of the owner.

    • Single-family homes feature private or direct entrance and exit points. This is unlike some condos and apartments, where you need to pass by hallways and lobbies to get into your home and out of the building.

    • Utilities (electricity, water, etc.) available in a single-family home are only meant to be used by that property. It’s not meant to be shared by another home.

    • A single-family home is owned by one person or household, unlike multi-family residences, duplexes, and apartments. The homeowner is the one in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

    Single-family homes in the Bahamas are diverse in sizes and architectural styles. You’ll find contemporary residences as well as traditional-style abodes and even historic homes in some parts of the islands.

    The pros of living in a single-family home

    Buying and living in a single-family home include many perks, which are not limited to the following:

    • Privacy: Space for yourself can be hard to get, especially if you share walls with your neighbors. In a single-family home, you have the freedom to enjoy as much “me time” as you want.

    • Outdoor recreation and other activities: Single-family homes often come with their own front or back yards (sometimes both.) This encourages habitants to spend a little more time outside, whether it’s for afternoon barbecues or hobbies like gardening. This can be quite a challenge if you’re living in a condo or an apartment.

    • Room for individuality: Some single-family homes are located in neighborhoods with HOAs. That said, you can still exercise your individuality, whether on creative choices and even consumption habits. Grow the flowers you like, change your front door− as the old adage goes, “the possibilities are endless!”

    Should you buy a single-family home?

    If you’re looking for space, privacy, the freedom to exercise your creativity (in terms of customization), and the experience of living independently, a single-family home is a great option.

    When you’re shopping for a single-family home, consider your budget, your needs, and your long-term real estate goals. That way, you’ll be able to find the single-family home that fits your preferences.

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