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    Covering about 130 miles beginning 30 miles southeast of New Providence, Exumas and its approximately 360 cays are a haven for yachtsmen and is said to be the loveliest part of The Bahamas. With a significant portion of its beaches and sea held under the protection of the Bahamas National Trust’s Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, Exuma comprises underwater limestone and coral reefs, drop-offs,

    blue holes, caves and marine life. It is also the last home of the Bahamian iguana, a giant lizard-like creature. Exuma’s capital, Georgetown, was once suggested to be the capital of The Bahamas because of its famous Elizabeth Harbour, draft of 16 feet aided in the development of Great Exuma and likely made Exuma a favourite haunt for pirates. Since the 1950s, the Harbour has been the site of the world-renowned Family Island Regatta – the race of Bahamian-made sailboats.

    With many historical remains from the eras of piracy and plantation slavery, Exuma offers recreation to swimmers, boaters, fishermen, snorkelers and sailors.

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