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Top things to do in Grand Bahama

Located in the northernmost reaches of the Bahamas, the island of Grand Bahama is undeniably one of the archipelago’s shining jewels. It’s one of the main reasons why I never hesitate to invite people to come and try living in this Bahamian slice of paradise.

One of Grand Bahama’s biggest draws is its plethora of natural bounties, from immaculate beaches to mangrove forests. Most of all, you can enjoy these wonders (and the local culture) without having to deal with throngs of tourists.

If you want to immerse deeper into Bahamian culture, Grand Bahama is the ideal place to start. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t miss in the island.

Taste the local brew

Grand Bahama is home to Bahamian Brewery, where you can sample some of the local craft beer. Situated on a sprawling property, you will also find a beer garden and specialty stores where you can purchase Bahamian Brewery merchandise and more.

Go beach hopping

Grand Bahama’s beaches are unparalleled in beauty and quality. Some of these are even relatively unspoiled because of their seclusion! Plan a weekend of beach hopping and drop by these spots:

  • Fortune Beach: Peaceful and serene, with a shipwreck located in the area. Private transportation is recommended if you’re going here.
  • William’s Town Beach: Located at William’s Town, this beach is the starting point for many water activities such as snorkeling and banana boat rides. You might also find horses in the area.
  • Gold Rock Beach: About 25 miles from Freeport, Gold Rock Beach is located within the Lucayan National Park. There are tourist facilities in the area. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Lucayan Caves are just nearby.
  • Lucaya Beach: A popular tourist destination, Lucaya Beach is home to world-class hotels and restaurants. Coral Beach, its more relaxing sister, is located just a couple of minutes away.

Go on an eco-tour

Grand Bahama’s natural assets are waiting to explored, so why not go on an eco-tour? You can go bird watching, horseback riding, visit any of Grand Bahama’s national parks, or tour some parts of the island, two-wheel style.

You can arrange your own private tour based on your preferences. Alternatively, you can also book with a local eco-tour company. Some of our favorite outfitters include Calabash Eco Adventures and CocoNutz Cruisers.

You can also plan an eco-tour by yourself. Don’t forget to include these destinations in your itinerary:

  • Lucayan National Park
  • Peterson Cay National Park
  • The Rand Nature Center
  • Freeport
  • Port Lucaya
  • Lucayan Cave System
  • Garden of the Groves
  • Grand Lucayan Waterway

Shop at Port Lucaya Marketplace

No trip to Grand Bahama is completed without visiting Port Lucaya Marketplace. Located in Freeport, this colorful retail center is the largest of its kind in all of the Bahamas. You’ll find a variety of stores here, from international retailers to local specialty shops, where you can purchase Bahamian products.

Port Lucaya is not all about shopping, however. It’s a foodie’s paradise, as well! There are over ten restaurants to choose from in Port Lucaya Marketplace, serving anything from intercontinental flavors to authentic Bahaman fare. You can also party with the locals at any of the bars and lounges located in the vicinity.

Take part in Grand Bahama’s Junkanoo celebrations

Junkanoo is the biggest event in the Bahamas, with its parades hailed as some of the best street carnivals in the world! Read more about this highly anticipated event here.

Go deep sea fishing

If you’re an angler looking for the next big challenge, try deep sea fishing in Grand Bahama. There are many fishing charters in the island that you can hire to take you on a grand adventure in Bahamian high seas.

Our most trusted guide to deep sea fishing is Captain Muff Roberts, operator Tailin’ Boner Charters. On a good day, you might catch some snapper, marlin, and mahi mahi or tuna, all of which are known to pool in the waters of Grand Bahama.

There is more to do in Grand Bahama!

Check out some of our favorite spots and activities in the island here.

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